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3D Virtual Operating Room : Project of real time 3D virtual universe dedicated to professional training in operating room to risk management and prevention of serious adverse events.

3D Virtual Operating Room is a serious game project of 3D simulation, multilingual and accessible online by a platform based on medical risk management in operating room.

It involves all health workers intervening in operating room. Its originality is to propose a collaborative training to all professionals (anaesthetists, surgeons, nurses, radiographers, health managers).


Scenarios are medical risk situations, covering all the stages of a surgical operation (planning, preparation, proceedings and aftercare in the recovery room).

This game allows critical role-playing, without interfering with the patient safety, in order to get a preventive approach of risk-bearing events.

Its aim is to propose an interprofessional training tool, able to improve quality and safety of medical practices, thanks to the upgrading of skills acquired by experts while carrying out their duties.


Target audience: health workers (medical and paramedical staff in operating room) in initial or in-service trainings (public or private)

A collaboration of multidisciplinary teams for a common goal. The project is based on:

  • Specialized research teams in the field of virtual reality, ergonomics (decision making), professional didactic, learning game (Serious Game Research Network);
  • Serious game professionals (KTM Advance) and motion capture professionals (Novamotion)
  • Health experts from the Toulouse CHU


3DVOR presented at the "Serious Game and Pedagogy" conference

Publié le 22/02/2016

The multiplayer mode and the simulation in a virtual operating room are real educational strengths for students and their trainer who was present at this conference.

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3DVOR presented to the Talent Day

Publié le 12/11/2015

On 2 and 3 December, Imaginove, support for 3DVOR, organizes the 2015 Edition of the Talent Day in Lyon. 3DVOR will be presented during this event dedicated to technologic innovation and creativity.

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